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Leadership is a relationship founded on trust and confidence. Build trust and members will embrace the future. During my tenure as your National Secretary, what prides me the most are the relationships built on trust and personalized service I provided to all 2,400 lodges across this great nation. I take great pride in knowing that my staff and I effectively delivered quality services that has empowered Lodges to succeed.

Over the past few months I’ve reflected on my role and future in the FOP. Through discussions and encouragement from the leaders across this great nation, I’ve come to the conclusion that our organization is at a crossroads. The common message that I’ve heard time and time again is that, in order to gain their confidence and trust, the members expect more inclusive leadership.

With this in mind, I am proud to announce that I have decided to seek the office of national president. This is not a decision that has been made in haste. I have a vision for the Future and understand that the path towards that vision demands a president that challenges leaders at all levels of this Order to think and act courageously to evolve with these changing times. To accomplish this, I offer the following ten-point action Plan.

Standing United – Was there ever a time in the history of the NFOP that was more turbulent than today? As president, it will be my mission to unite leaders who will collaborate on the long-range vision and the strategic direction necessary to influence the future or our profession. Within 30 days of taking office, I will begin the first of several voluntary group workshops comprised of members and leaders from all aspects of our Order who will work together. Our goal: develop an efficient, long-range, strategic plan that governs the future decisions and direction of the NFOP by the 2020 Spring Board of Trustees meeting. 

National Voice 24/7 - There should be voice in numbers. With 345,000 members, we are the largest rank and file police organization in the nation, but our united voice has paled in comparison to other groups and individuals who consistently speak on-behalf of police officers during high profile incidents. As your president, I will appoint and empower a team of advocacy specialists to uphold the positive reputation of the NFOP and our noble profession. These specialists will be highly skilled subject matter experts who have the skill sets to amplify our professional national voice - a voice our profession desperately needs.


Transparency – The most influential leaders are those who are visible and accessible. Where there is transparency in leadership there is loyalty. Conversely, when decisions are made in isolation, we are NOT united. As your president, decisions WILL be made by empowering those elected to guide this organization. I will hold weekly teleconferences with the executive board and monthly teleconferences with the National Trustees to share and receive information on the progress of our strategic goals. 

Build Relationships- Today, more than ever, it is important that we strengthen the relationships across our membership and profession. Ignoring the internal conflict only weakens the fiber of the NFOP. As your president, it will be my mission to unify our leaders and members. More powerful and resilient relationships are needed to repair dissension. We will work to build these relationships because anything less is a disservice to our members and profession.

Marketing our Mission - Ponder this…If a photo is worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is video? The last ten years have seen a huge rise in social media influence, not only in terms of communication, but also in terms of business, travel, relationships, etc. As president, I will appoint a marketing team to create a forward-facing strategy that best utilizes video and social networking to promote the NFOP, the services and benefits available to our members across the country. Video will also serve as a means of connecting with our members to deliver important up to the minute information through regularly scheduled video updates. Further, social media must be leveraged to help build a better organization by creating a sense of community. Presently, our social media strategy is poorly thought out at best. As president, I will take the politics out of the process. I will appoint a social media task force to develop an innovative social media platform that will foster collaboration among FOP lodges and our members across the country that will appeal to existing FOP members of all ages and attract new younger members who are the future of the NFOP.

Legislative - "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". In a legislative advocacy effort, no truer words are spoken. When we add our collective voice and infuse more expertise into our legislative evaluation process, we will gain the power to influence positive change. As your president, I will involve the executive board in developing and implementing legislative strategies both before and during the process. One unified voice of 345,000 members guided by the people they entrusted to lead. 

Labor - Our Labor Services Program offers Lodges all across America the ability to tap into the collective knowledge and experience that exists within our ranks. While adjustments have allowed Labor Services to be more cost effective and efficient than in years past, there are areas where open and frank discussions will foster even stronger growth. As your president, I will encourage open dialogue and an evaluation of our current processes by soliciting feedback from members within and outside of our labor committee. 

I will also place a greater emphasis on training. Empowering local lodge leaders with the tools needed to better represent our members will advance our organization to the front of the law enforcement representation field. Additionally, I will encourage discussion and review of our organizational guidelines and procedures to increase our effectiveness and make us more attractive as a labor and fraternal organization. 

Empowering Committees – Good leaders are characterized by their ability to empower others to achieve maximum success. Leaders who do not believe in empowerment of members ultimately make decisions in isolation, and therefore diminish the success of the organization. As your president, I will empower committees with the authority and resources to achieve our collective goals. Given the poor perception and negative opinions about Law Enforcement in today’s society we must call on the diverse experience of our members to overcome the adversity and make the NFOP thrive. 


Officer Wellness- We are ordinary people who answer to a higher calling of public service and, at times, we are called upon to do extraordinary things. Police officers run toward danger when most people run away; our agencies should be running toward us with support and understanding. Police officers are human beings and our work takes a major toll on our relationships, our quality of life and our mental health. It is our obligation to care for each other and support our brothers and sisters in blue in every way possible. Rather than cast troubled officers aside, it is our moral and fiduciary responsibility to fix that which is broken in the service of others, increasing awareness and finding solutions for the growing problem of police officers with PTSD. As your president, I will rate PTSD and Officer wellness initiatives and strategies as one of our highest priorities. It’s the right thing to do!

Disaster Relief - When disaster strikes our members are the first responders charged with restoring our communities. What is often overlooked by some, is the fact that our members are victims too. When our members are affected, no one takes care of cops and their families better than the FOP. As your president, I will put into service a highly visible, fully equipped disaster response unit that will be acquired through corporate sponsorship. A well thought out and properly executed plan of action will enable the disaster response team to be deployed anywhere in the United States quickly and efficiently. This unit will be supported by a regionalized National FOP Volunteer registry. Our mission will be to assist first responders and their families so they can focus on the recovery of their communities. 

As your president, it will be my mission to challenge leaders to think and act courageously and turn our united vision of the future into reality. Upon being elected, I will swiftly enact strategies focusing on each of these 10 points and developing long-range action plans that will better prepare the NFOP for our changing world, evolving profession and ultimately make us FOP STRONG! I humbly ask for your trust and support in becoming your next National Fraternal of Police president.



Patrick Yoes

National FOP Secretary


About Me

Personal Statement

In 2004, you elected me to serve as your National Secretary, a privilege surpassed only by my subsequent re-elections. I have been deeply honored by your continued confidence in my commitment to this organization. In the past fifteen years of service, I have gained a deep understanding of the obligations of the position and the challenges of member advocacy. I have faithfully served with diligence and care and have made myself accessible to an unprecedented level.

I have implemented many improvements as your National Secretary:

  • Established a competitive bidding process saving tens of thousands of dollars annually on services
  • Upgraded antiquated technology effectively making our membership communications easier and more efficient.
  • Significant enhancements to the national Journal and electronic newsletter which has successfully expanded circulation nationwide.
  • Development and delivery of leadership and administrative seminars helping lodge leaders manage lodges more effectively
  • Implemented a decree of personalized service in your National Headquarters with a simple philosophy -- whomever picks up the phone will inherit your problem or will find someone who can.
  • I have the experience and knowledge to make a difference and the well-documented track record of achievement as your National Secretary. Most important, I have the passion required to get the job done!


  • 34+ years with the St. Charles Sheriff's Office, the sole law enforcement agency in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, located in the New Orleans Metro area.
  • BA, Organizational Leadership
  • AS, Criminal Justice
  • FBINA Graduate
  • Loyola Institute of Politics
  • Immediate Past President of the Louisiana State Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police
  • President of a century old family own publishing and printing company until 2007
  • Past President and current Treasurer of St. Charles Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #15
  • Author of Chest Deep and Rising, the Hurricane Katrina Nightmare, Ithica Press, NY, 2006 (Proceeds benefited the National Fraternal Order of Police Foundation)

Community Involvement


The 7th Principle of Law Enforcement: The police at all times should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police

- Sir Robert Peel

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These are troubled times for our profession and I would be honored to continue to fight to ensure your rights are respected and the nation understands the dangers of the job. 



State Endorsements


1.  Alabama

2.  Arizona

3.  Arkansas

4.  Colorado

5.  Kansas

6.  Kentucky

7.  Louisiana

8.  Minnesota

9.  Mississippi

10.  Missouri

11.  Nebraska

12.  Nevada

13.  New Jersey

14.  New Mexico

15.  North Dakota

16.  Oklahoma

17.  Oregon

18.  Rhode Island

19.  South Dakota

20.  Tennessee

21.  Texas

22.  Utah

23.  Virginia

24.  Washington State



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